Focus on running your business, not on processing the paperwork

Bookkeeping is one of the most essential tasks of any business. Without reliable bookkeeping records:

  • You won’t be able to see how much money you are really making, versus how much money you have lost
  • You haven’t got a basis for making sound financial decisions to help you improve future profitability
  • You could be paying too much tax (and nobody wants to do that!)
  • You could be paying too little tax, which won’t go down well with HMRC
  • You may struggle to secure external financing as banks will require financial data to prove your economic standing

So, whilst some small business owners do their bookkeeping on their own, many invest in a bookkeeping service that will save them not just precious time, but the risk of making very costly financial mistakes.

How can you help make my life easier?

We provide all of our clients with an amazing utility called Receipt Bank. Using the app on your phone, or via your computer and scanner, you capture an image of your invoices and receipts and upload them to Receipt Bank; any email receipts that you have can be forwarded directly to Receipt Bank. We will process the receipts, making sure that they are coded to the correct categories, and import them into Xero.

We will also complete the bank reconciliation on a monthly basis and send you a report that includes your Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet within 8 working days of the month end.

What is so great about keeping your receipts online?


  • You can’t lose receipts once they’re uploaded to Receipt Bank
  • No more crumpled pieces of paper in wallets, handbags or glove boxes
  • You can make sure that you claim all the expenses that are due to you
  • Your important receipts are safe, secure and easily accessed both by you and us

How much does it cost?

From £50 a month, depending on transaction volumes and specific requirements.

Alternatively, bookkeeping is included in our Bookkeeper and Financial Controller Packages, which start at £200 per month.

Prices include the monthly subscription to Xero and Receipt Bank.